Set graph range - saved with graph or with location

Currently the range set is sawed with the location, so if setting it up for one location, it’s necessary to set it upp for all locations.

@duane Would it not make more sense to make “set range” part of “Edit graph” so that when it is set up once it would apply to all locations and also to the widget?

Currently is seams not possible to set the ranges for the widget, (or is it?)

I didn’t think setting range was a global thing since a temperature range for a tropical location will be different for a colder location.

The range for the widgets should be taken from the place range, i.e., it’ll replicate the graphs for the place.


Sure, but a typical user might have a lot of places that are near, and then in the same ranges, and if places in another range, then probably several places in that range too.

So, at least for me, it make more sense to save ranges globally with the graph, and then make it possible to add more preset graphs and to change names of them.

For example one user can have one “Monkey wedding tropical” , and another “Monkey wedding cold”.

I’m thinking the same way when it comes to the “Edit Data” that is now in a seperete menu from “Edit place”. It would be nice to be able to create a few Data templets, with a globalt set group of data types selected, that can be shoosen per place.

Then I could have “Data templet for places with HRRR” (for USA) and “Data templet for places in Europe” and so on, and not need to edit every single place when I find new data source that I find interesting.

You’d be surprised. Some users are commercial pilots, i.e., travel around the world.

The current method provides fine control and is intuitive. The method you propose will be complex.

A good way to judge complexity is the about of help you’d have to write or how long it’ll take to explain to a user in an email. The current method is “long press on the graph, select ‘set range’, and set the range.”

Cheers, Duane


Wise words…

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@duane then how about a way to “import settings” from one location to another?

(I’ve been seriously thinking about writing a sed script for copying my settings between pleases in the flowx settings export file to then import them again.

Partly for fun, and partly for not wanting to repeat the manual task of setting all datasources and ranges for all places.)

I have thought about this but again it’s problematic with your scale ranges.

If you edit a tropical place, e.g., add new controls and graphs, then copy this place to a cold place because you want the controls and graphs, it’ll copy the graph range and screw up the temperature ranges. This is not the intention.

I really don’t know how big a problem this is. No one else has mentioned this. I’ve never felt setting the ranges is an issue.

With every feature, how many users want it and how much will it improve their user experience? I feel this would take a few days to implement and it’s not clear how much of a value it’ll add.

I someone emailing me about some color, line thickness or transparency every other day, i.e. many users want the theme editor and it will make a major impact.


Ha, ha, this is why I need my feature polls. But we still need a way to escalate a feature request to the polls. We can’t just bombard the polls with tens of features. I’m thinking there are 5-8 at any one time. Any new feature if it meets a certain level will swap out the lowest on the polls.


Oh, it seems you can create polls on this forum :slight_smile: