Set the sunrise/sunset/moon-rice/moon-set - scale with a fixed length

In one way It is cool that the sun/moon animation is showing the same size on the screen regardless of zoom-level, but one thing would be cool:

Having the sun/moon show which clouds that are able to potentially block it.

The length of the lines showing the sunrise/sunset/moon-rice/moon-set should then scale with a fixed length on the ground rater than getting longer when zooming out.

Yes, to be “most accurate” the length should depend on the hight of the clouds that are near, but I imagine this to be a hard task.

Much easier is to just consider the highest possible clouds:

I think It would make most seance to have sunrise/sunset/moon-rice/moon-set lines being:

The reason for this specific distance is that is that even the highest clouds, if they are further from you than that, would not be able to block the sun/moon since they’ll be beyond the horizon.

This is already on the list. I agree it’s cool but it carries too many risks so it’s just a fun thing to do. I think it’ll take weeks to do, might not work well and might draw complaints if it’s not accurate. I don’t want to deal with more support. Plus I don’t think it’ll improve finances as much as other things. So it’s on the one-day-if-I have-time list.


Yes, I undersand.

  • Distance rings would make it possible to manually set up the wanted zoom-level.

  • Zoom-level saved with place, would then make it possible to set up a place with this zoom-level as default.

So I’ll just have to wait fore these two features in stead, and I’ll be able to create the same effect myself.