Suggestions of improvements for the "Sunrise/set and Moonrise/set/phase/angle"

Fist I wanna state that i’m so glad for this feature, I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, and I’m thrilled that it’s in beta now, and that it is being worked upon!

Now here are some suggestions of improvements. They are considered in the name of keeping things simple and clean, free from clutter, and only to add things to the screen that is bringing information with value.
(Tap the triangles to read more about the suggestions.)

1. Remove the circles that currently are "showing the path of the sun/moon".

The circles don’t really add any information to the screen. Sure they look nice the first time one turn on the feature, and they are somewhat helpful in a pedagogical purpose of explaining what one is looking at. However, in my opinion, they are actually redundant and contribute to cluttering up the screen rater than providing anything useful.

The lines showing the sunrise/sunset/moon-rice/moon-set, on the contrary, are providing useful information and should be kept. Perhaps even the part of the sun/moon-path that shows where it is above the horizon.

2. Replace the moving sun/moon icons with lines from the center of the map pointing in their direktions.

The argument here is the same as for 1. Yes the icons may look nice and be pedagogical, but actually add clutter ratar than useful information. The sun/moon is in a direction and not “on a spot on the map”. (Unless the distance to the sun/moon is in relation to the height of the clouds that might block it. )

3. Or perhaps just replace the moving sun icon with a line from the center, and keep the moon icon, since the "phases of the moon"-feature is awesome!.

It really is!