Setting for open at the current time


When opening the app, it seams to by default display the time that was displayed last time the app was opened.

(This is sometimes a good thing, and sometimes a bit confusing. For example when opening the app first time in the morning when the sun is shining, and the app is displaying the rain from yesterday. It only takes a couple off seconds to realize what is going on, but it’s an unnecessary experience to have reoccurring every morning before properly awake.)

I would like a setting that alow me to choose to always go to current time when opening the app.

Preferably with the option of going to current time or to the time of latest awailable radar data, and preferably different settings for if opened from widget or from icon, and to have the possibility that if the app is re-opened from the list of apps in the background then displaying the time that was displayed last time the app was active.

I understand that this is probably allot of requests at once, and that the first response will be, “how to make it more simple”, and that’s fine.

Please se my request as a smorgasbord of idea’s, and as an initiation of a diskussion of what to do about about this issue/feature/idea.

The bottom line is that I would like to be able to tap the widget and then, without the need for more actions or thinking, have “now” being displayed.


So I think it’s worth noting the before we added radar the opening on the app was working fine. No one mentioned anything. In that case, if you paused the app and reopened it after minutes, it’ll show the last time it was set to. After longer period (hours), it’ll set the time to the current time.

When we added radar, it created havoc because we have to check for new data more often but only when the radar data is turned on. Adding this logic seems to have broken something else.

I don’t like adding extra settings. Thing should just work correctly. So let’s fix the bug instead.

Here is what I propose:

  • if you pause the app and return within 10 minutes, it’ll keep the last time you viewed the app.
  • if you pause the app and return after 10 minutes, it’ll go to the most recent radar image if radar is on.
  • else it’ll go to the current time.

I think this is a good start.

Cheers, Duane.


Good proposal :clap:

Please count the pause also from the moment the app looses the focus I.e. when the app is hold in background when an other app was focused…