Survey of the State of Radar in Version 3.140

Hi all,

This is a brief survey to see what problem still exist with radar in the latest version 3.140. Please don’t report issues with older versions of Flowx - this will just confuse things.

Feel free to post is you don’t have any issues - this will give me a sense of how much problems happen.

If you’re seeing a problem with radar please post a brief reply with:

  1. Phone model
  2. Android version
  3. Brief description of the problem
  4. How often the problem occurs.
  5. Does the problem happen or not on other devices
  6. if you’re willing, does a reinstall fix the problem - fully optional.

Please keep to one post per problem.

I don’t use radar every day because we don’t have coverage so I don’t get the same experience you do. So I appreciate your help.

Cheers, Duane.


@duane I Haven’t noticed any issues

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1 Huawei Mate 10 Pro
2 Android 9.1
3 Radar reflectivity not working on start-up after overnight shutdown. Force refresh required.
4 Every day
5 No idea. FlowX installed only on phone
6 Not willing. It’s taken me a while to configure FlowX.

Force refresh is also needed during the day to keep the rain radar reflectivity up to date. The blanking period depends on the length of time between FlowX usage of this feature.

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You can export all locations with all their internal settings, and after a reinstall just import the settings. So it’s realy not much work to get back the settings.

The only things I had to do after reinstall, (besides importing the file, and removing the added new default location) was to:

  • toggle the settings for Appearance, Units, and Downloads, (it’s just about a screen-full, and done in seconds.)
  • and to recreate the widget.

(The widget had a hicup at first, but was back after a reboot).

For me a faster alternative to forced refresh, is actually to close the app and to reopen it. Same effect on the radar data and (for me) fewer taps to perform.

  1. Moto G 5S Plus
  2. 8.1.0
  3. Radar fades out so that partially radar data can be displayed. Most apparent when latest downloaded radar data is verry fresh, and one toggles between single and dubbeltaping on the clock. Doubletap suppose to show latest avaliable radar data in full, and it does. Single tap suppose to shoe current time, and since “live” radar is allways with a little lag, it is expected to display no radar. HOWEVER, sometimes (depending on how many minutes and seconds has passed since last successfully downloaded radar data) a single tap can show a faded out version of the latest available radar data, misleadingly suggesting that the rain is about to end, when it seams to in fact just be a filter applied on the data.
  4. Once every 10 minutes, for when one toggles between single and dubbeltaping on the clock, or every time one verry slowly swipes through the transition between time with and without radar data.
  5. (-)
  6. Did just reinstall the app, and this bug persists.

Image of print screens:

(@duane The upload images feature is down again. )

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Reinstalled app.

Same bug.

  1. Moto G 5S Plus
  2. 8.1.0
  1. Every day at first start, also possible multiple times a day, if app left in in background for a bit more than 10 min (but less than 1 hour).
  2. (-)
  3. Did just reinstall the app, and this bug persists.
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Hi all,

Let’s just stick to the radar questions in this topic. Let’s not start a discussions yet. I want to see a list of symptoms and then discuss the bugs. I suspect there might be two or more bugs. If so, it’s more efficient to focus and discuss one at a time - otherwise we get confused.

Radar is a new big feature that uses different code compared to all the other data in the app - there will be teething issues.

Cheers, Duane.

  1. Xiaomi Mi A2 / Nexus 6P
  2. Pie / Oreo
  3. No radar data on update
  4. most of the time (90%+)
  5. yes

Doing a force refresh ALWAYS fixes this immediately and all radar data is displayed.
Unfortunately on the next update a few hours later it happens all over again.
I don’t think it’s a network issue because it also happens when the data download is lightning fast.


@Frank Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

Rain reflectivity only visible when zoomed out. Force refresh does not correct.

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@Alex What weather product GFS, HRRR etc. Rain is working for me all zoom levels. Might try cleaning app cache restart device

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All models.
Thanks for advice.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Frank,

Do you mean " No radar data on opening the app", not “on update”?. Radar updates every 10 minutes. You say it stops working a few hours later, i.e., after many radar updates.

For those who don’t know Frank started the G+ page.

Cheers, Duane.


Hey Duane,

both actually. No radar on opening the app or when pressing update once. Only the force refresh makes the radar data show.
Except for those rare circumstances when it loads normally on opening the app, like it just did on the Nexus 6P. Grabbed my Xiaomi A2 to compare and … no radar data.


It’s very important that we’re clear on what’s happening. This is why I wanted a clear, straight to the point thread without much discussion. Otherwise, we get too much noise, it’s just confusing and I give up.

Here is my prognosis so far:

  1. there is more than one bug. It’s important to address one bug at a time.
  2. most users don’t see these bugs. I’ve had no other reports of these bugs.
  3. I haven’t been able to replicate either bug so it’s very difficult to fix.
  4. I suspect one bug depends on whether the Android OS has killed a pause app to free up memory.

I have a few other jobs to do, then I’ll get on to this bug.

To other users, if you use radar and don’t see a problem, please post here.

Cheers, Duane.


Hey Duane,

they way I use Flowx is very intermittent and I always close the app from the task manager after that/before I put the phone away.
So when the bug happens for me (which really is most of the time) I just grabbed my phone, opened Flowx “freshly” and then it downloads data because the last check usually has been hours ago … and I usually don’t see the radar data after that.
Then I refresh twice and it displays.


@duane No problem here :+1::+1:

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Flowx 3.148 on Google Pixel with Android 9.

I have the same issue as described by @Alex and @Frank where the radar data isn’t populating “first time” so when launching the app for the first time in a while it does not bring any new radar data, upon closing the app and opening it again the data appears.

I’ve taken some short videos to demonstrate (if a picture tells a thousand words…)

My Edit Place settings are -1 to +7 days.

I had not used the app for a few days deliberately so when opened at 09-Sep 20:54 there:

  • was no radar data between 08-Sep 00:00 and 09-Sep 20:54
  • after restarting the app all the radar data was showing

On 10-Sep 22:41 when I opened the app there was radar data up to 09-Sep 20:49 but no more. Rather than close and re-open I waited until it did an automatic refresh and the missing data (between 09-Sep 20:49 and 10-Sep 22:41) appeared.

Opening the app on 11-Sep 22:30 it has radar content for the correct period (10-Sep 00:00 through to 11-Sep 22:30) but on closer inspection:

  • full data only present between 10-Sep 00:00 until 10-Sep 22:49 (approx. time of last use)
  • between 10-Sep 22:49 and 11-Sep 22:30 radar content is missing on the right hand side of the screen (imagine a vertical line two thirds the way across the screen)
  • forcing a refresh by closing and re-opening the app restores all the radar content

Opening the app on 12-Sep 10:57 it has radar content for 11-Sep 00:00 until 11-Sep 22:19 (approx. time of last use) and:

  • no radar data between 11-Sep 22:19 and 12-Sep 10:57
  • a refresh caused by sending the app into the background and then switching to it restores the missing radar content
  • I assume doing a manual refresh from the menu would also restore the missing radar data

So it looks like the latest/complete radar data only appears when after a “secondary” refresh occurs, if that makes sense.