Swipe speed settings (in % range, when changing number of days shown)

Continuing the discussion from Release 3.336 (7 Jul 2021) Beta:

I like this update!
But I found a bug:

When the “swipe speed” it set to for example “100% Range” it is working as expected at first,

but if you then change the number of days shown,

the swipe speed is no longer matching the set “100% Range”. It it is locked to the swipe speed “based on the number of days” that was used when the swipe speed was set.

Temporarily fix is to upen swipe settings and just tap done, then it is working as expected again.

But change the number of days shown, and the problem is back…


It’s just not updating the swipe speed after you change the number of days - I’ll fix this in the next release. If you close and open the app, it should work.



Once this is fixed, could you implement the same code for the swipe in compare mode?

Ofcorse with the exception of the up/down motion being used for scrolling the graphs (I.e. in the case of when one is in a location where there are more available sources to display at once than what fits on the screen, then “up/down motion” = “scroll” i.e. bringing in the graphs not currently in view).

The current way the swipe/scroll is working in compare mode is still glitche. It freezes if the swipe is not exactly 0 on 90 degrees.

The 45 degrees code with the new inertia part should make it smoother!


They are way different codes - I can’t just copy and paste the code. The one I just fixed is all gestures from the map. The compare mode scroll is a conflict between the graph widget and the scroll list Android widget.


Too bad.

I’m guessing that to resolve the “conflict between the graph widget and the scroll list Android widget” is on the list of things to do, but not at the top…

Just a gentle reminder that this is still a thing.

(it seams it was not adressed in Release 3.340 (31 Jul 2021).)


With the massive rewrite of the back-end, I’m sure this will fall out.


Yep, probably so.

Keep up the great work!