Temperatures Not Show When Comparing Graphs

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I searched, before posting this, but I didn’t see an answer. Possibly could have overlooked something. Why are the daily high (red) and low (blue) temperatures not shown at the top of each graph, when comparing graphs, as they are when viewing individually?

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Just to keep it simple. I could add high and low temperatures but then someone else could ask about including the gauges. Some people want to turn off some graphs or reorder them. This is all personal preferences. I can’t meet all expectation, this is why in situation like this I plan to add editable, not a hard coded state.


Thank you Duane for your quick reply. I understand your reasoning for you not being able to accommodate all of the personal requests you receive, and I believe you handling my request and those of others as a personal preference configuration from within the app’s settings, instead of being hard coded, is a very reasonable.

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