The Refresh button

This is both a question, and a suggestion:

If taping twice on refresh is doing a forced refresh, that is downloading the data again, what is a “non forced refresh” doing?
I have trouble seeing what a “one tap refresh” in the main app is doing, if anything.

On the widged there is a small refresbutton in the bottom tight of the graphs, and just left of it, the time. (This refresh button seams to do a refresh when only taping once. :grin:)

Can we have them also (in the same place) on the graphs in the main app?

(I’m more interested in the “time of last refresh”, but the refresh-arrow-icon-button next to it makes it more intuitive what the time means.)

@jojo I’m woundering the same thing, se above.

The first click downloads the manifest and checks if there is new data/forecasts. If there is new data, it’ll download it.

The second click within 15 seconds will offer the “Force Refresh” option which will delete all visible data on the screen and download data again. If you want to force download just the graphs, turn off all the data on the map, then force refresh.

Adding a refresh icon to each graph will add clutter and be redundant. New users are overwhelmed with Flowx as it is so I like to keep it simple and clean.