What to do before and after an uninstall + reinstall [Wiki post]

Continuing the discussion from (the now Antiquated topic) What to do before and after an uninstall + reinstall:

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Before uninstall:
Open “ Settings ”, and make note of your chosen setting for:
Under “Appearance” ,

  • “App theme”,
  • “Widget theme”,
  • "Widget text size,
  • “Map style”,
  • “Animation level”, and
  • “Fullscreen Mode”.

Under “Units”,

  • All units.

Under “Downloads”,

  • “Allow Mobile Data”
  • “Servers”.

Under “Advanced”,

  • “Swipe Settings”
  • “Time Stepping”

In “Settings” under “Advanced”

  • tap at “ Export ”. Save the bacup file of your “PLACES” and “GRAPHICS” somewhere where you later can access it.

On the widget tap the small “3-dot-menue-button” in top right corner. Make note of:

  • Place,
  • Forecast model,
  • number of days,
  • #Graphs”.

In “3-dot-menue” open “Edit Data”, and make note of selected data.

At the bottom of the screen in main view (below the map) make note of chosen order of the data icons. (A single printscreen is sufficient if all icons are in view, otherwise multiple printscreens might be needed.)

One at a time, tap the data icons the bottom of the screen and then long-press on the color bar below the icons. Make note of:

  • Layer Opacity
  • Min /Max values
  • Choosen colour scheme
  • direction of colour scheme (arrow to the right)

Above the map, make note of the numerical values chosen to be displayed, and their chosen order.
(A single printscreen is sufficient. Note that “Vind Vectors” are displayed with a dynamic icon, depending on direction of the wind, but the icon in the long-press-“add”/“edit”-menu is a different one.)

Long-press on the graphs, one at the time, and tap:

  • “Edit Graph”, and
  • “Set Range”,

and make note of all customly set values and ranges.
Repeat this for every graph.

Tilt phone to landscape orientation , and do the same for the graphs that may differ from upright orientation.

(Obs! The “Set Range” for the graphs are unique for every saved location, so note all customly set values for all graphs, for all locations.)

If you have reordered the listed order of saved locations (via Menue → Editor → Places), after adding them, then make note of chosen order so this can be recreated. (Currently the file from the “Export Places” feature does not reflect order of places if they are reordered after creation.)

After (uninstall +) reinstall or new install on new device:
Open "Settings"and

  • re-apply the settings noted according to step i) .

In “Settings” under “Advanced”

  • tap at “ Import ”, and choose the file you exported earlier.


  • Delete the extra place that was created by default when you opened the app for the first time after re-installing it.

Re-allow Flowx to access GPS-location of device for your saved place in “Travel Mode” by:

  • In main app, tap “3-dot-menue-button” in top right corner and tap “Edit place”.
  • Tap “3-dot-menue-button” in top right corner and tap “Travel Mode” to toggle off, and then back on again.
  • In system pop-up dialog allow Flowx to access GPS-location.


  • Recreate the widget , and
  • re-apply the settings from iii).
  • If it fails to load, try to reboot the phone .

In respective way re-apply the settings noted according to the steps:

  • “vi)”
  • “vii)”
  • “viii)”
  • “ix)”

The answer to why not more settings are saved in the export:

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For completeness I’m adding this here:

It’s been a while since this wiki-post was written/updated, but now when I’m in the process of moving to my new phones I’ll add some things.

I’ve added the steps “vi)” to “ix)” to the Before uninstall section, and the corresponding note “6.)” at the end of the “After…” - section.

Added new settings:

  • “Swipe Settings”
  • “Time Stepping

Removed old settings, no longer available to edit:

  • “Use Low Resolution Data”
  • “World View (Beta)”

Updated “viii)” to include

  • “Edit Graph”, and
  • “landscape orientation”