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Before uninstall:
Open “ Settings ”, and make note of your chosen setting for:
Under “Appearance” ,

  • “App theme”,
  • “Widget theme”,
  • "Widget text size,
  • “Map style”,
  • “Animation level”, and
  • “Fullscreen Mode”.

Under “Units”,

  • All units.

Under “Downloads”,

  • “Allow Mobile Data”
  • “Servers”.

Under “Advanced”,

  • “Use Low Resolution Data”
  • “World View (Beta)”

In “Settings” under “Advanced”

  • tap at “ Export ”. Save the bacup file of your “PLACES” and “GRAPHICS” somewhere where you later can access it.

On the widget tap the small “3-dot-menue-button” in top right corner. Make note of:

  • Place,
  • Forecast model,
  • number of days,
  • #Graphs”.

After (uninstall +) reinstall:
Open "Settings"and

  • re-apply the settings from i) .

In “Settings” under “Advanced”

  • tap at “ Import ”, and choose the file you exported earlier.


  • Delete the extra place that was created by default when you opened the app for the first time after re-installing it.

Re-allow Flowx to access GPS-location of device for your saved place in “Travel Mode” by:

  • In main app, tap “3-dot-menue-button” in top right corner and tap “Edit place”.
  • Tap “3-dot-menue-button” in top right corner and tap “Travel Mode” to toggle off, and then back on again.
  • In system pop-up dialog allow Flowx to access GPS-location.


  • Recreate the widget , and
  • re-apply the settings from iii).
  • If it fails to load, try to reboot the phone .

The answer to why not more settings are saved in the export:

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