How to turn on radar?

I upgraded to Gold and want to check the radar feature. The help section says to double tap the time icon at the top left of the map. I do that the map resets to the current time but nothing else happens. If I press and hold I can edit the icons. Can’t see anything similar in the forum. I have tried several points on the globe in case it’s a data location thing. I am using a Samsung Android Tablet.
How do I get radar on please?

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See Help section: Edit Data.

Go to top right corner, 3 dots.
Select Edit Data
Scroll down to Radar
Select Radar Reflectivity
This adds the Radar icon to bottom of map
Finally, select the radar icon

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Thanks very much Alex.
Someone should change the help page.

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don’t forget to go to time add how many days back like - 1 - 2 etc

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Thanks for the tip BrianLY-38. Not sure if I would ever have found that in “Edit Place” had you not told me it was possible.
Someone should update the help page.

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Maybe putting a link in the help section for “RainViewer Radar” that is referencing to the “Map data” page (under “Using Flowx” in the help) would be enough?

Once you get radar on your map, and start wondering what you are seeing, then here is an informative thread for you:

Thanks Ohan. Radar is such a good feature. I went through all the settings when I first i stalled this app 2 years ago and then I forgot about all the non free features. I tried the trial version a year ago but never realised there was a radar feature. Now I bought the Gold subscription I was going to give feedback about how cool it would be to have radar when I found this forum and realised it was already there!
Am I the only one who did not know about this feature?! I think it’s because it is only mentioned in the Silver subscription list that I overlooked it when buying Gold. Maybe a splash screen listing all the newly paid for features after upgrading would help people like me!

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It’s not the first time this has been discussed.

I agree that it could be clearer in the app, I think it’s clearer on the homepage: Pro Version - Flowx

It comes down to how the dev @duane should spend his time to bring the most value to the app.


Is there a splash card?
It was so long ago that I upgraded that I don’t remember.

Also the list of all the features included in gold is so long that it will not fit on one screen… :grin: