Radar Update

The Radar data isn’t updated properly. When there are a few hours between the last use of flowx there is no radar data update since the last usage.
You have to zoom out an in and sometimes it gets updated, sometimes not …

I think a feature like radar data should be updated always regularly and if the user wants so also in the background.

My usage proposal is, if the radar data plane is selected, you should also show e.g. the last hour (selectable) of available radar data as endless video without necessity to swipe around.

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@tiwag Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for using Flowx

Yes I know, that the last recent displayable measurement is 5 to 15 minutes in the past.
I’m a climber and sailor and am used to rain radar maps since years.
The problem which I have with Flowx is, that I don’t get any update of the radar map since the last downloaded data, until I zoom out the map.
Switching on/off the radar map would be an acceptable workaround but unfortunately this doesn’t work.
My device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Android 9

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@tiwag @duane will have to explain this am having trouble putting it into correct words sorry. Others have mentioned this from what I have seen using the app and seen in other posts it takes time for Flowx to download and render info. In your case when you open the app after waiting a short period does the radar still not show?

Possible issue

Exactly, it doesn’t update, even when waiting minutes … It doesn’t download either, I’ve tested with data download monitor.
Only with changing zoom-level a fresh download for the actual radar data is initiated

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Have you went to device settings apps Flowx and cleaned cache?

Yes I’ve cleared cache, because I’ve read in other thread that could be reason for problem

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@duane might have more or better info and you might send a debug log @tiwag again I apologize for not being of more assistance

Did a few more investigations and it seems that in mid-level zoom stage there is generally no radar map visible. But when I zoom out more or zoom in more then it is suddenly updated and shown. Debug log follows …

Screenshots of rain radar map
Zoom out, radar shown
Zoom middle, no radar shown
Zoom in, radar shown

Debug log

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Will have more info once @duane gets a chance to review it Thank You

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@tiwag another thing you might try is clearing app data. It will reset the app whatever you have setup will be gone. This is the last thing I can think of other than removing and then reinstall

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Hi @tiwag, @BrianLY-38, Sorry I’m out of action today but will pop in tomorrow to read through this.

BTW @tiwag, I recognise your avatar from email or G+. Welcome to the forum, glad to see you here.

Cheers, Duane.


Hi @duane !
Thanks for the ever improving flowx app,
So much useful features, which i enjoy every day
Servus, tiwag

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The reported bug was with version 3.120

Today I joined the betatester program and installed version 3.122 of flowx.

I’m happy that this betaversion updates radar correctly with all zoom-levels.

Sorry for the confusion and many thanks for your great work.

Servus, tiwag

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@tiwag no problem and glad it’s working :+1::+1:

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Hi @tiwag,

I don’t think there was any change that would’ve made the radar work. But when you update the app version, I clear all old data including the coverage images. It suspect the coverage images are causing some problems since I cache them for too long.

I’ll look into fixing this in the next release.

Cheers, Duane.