Release 3.256 (3 May 2020)

Release 3.256 (3 May 2020)

  • The Compare Graphs is showing the time.

  • Manual refresh of one widget now updates all widgets.

  • Fixed the graph labels for HRRR.

  • Fixed the double graph lines.

  • Disabled data controls now show in a faded form.

  • Major refactoring and tidying of the code.


Great news!


This also seams fixed in this update.

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Is it possible to configure widgets to only update manually? I know they can be updated manually, and if one is updated, they all will be, but can they be configured to be updated manually only, and not automatically? If not, this is a feature I would like to be added. The “Help” Basics nor FAQ are not loading for me at this time, so couldn’t research this in Help.

Thank you,

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Interesting idea Bob.
I’ve created a dedicated thread for it in “Feature Requests & ideas” with a discriptive topic.

I incurrage continuee discussion there:

Use this link to go there!

Best regards!